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Port Townsend Journal -- Featured Photographer -- Mike McAndrew

The editorial staff of The Port Townsend Journal was very impressed by the photos submitted by Mike and how he has been able to collect the vibrant image and emotion of our town. Scroll down to enjoy his art, return to PTJ every-so-often as we are able to present added material.

More about Mike...


A Brief Biography

As long as I can remember, I have been taking photographs. As a kid my Mom gave me the Brownie on family outings. I was interested in scenery and nature mostly. Looking back at some of those images, my eye hasn't changed nor my perspective. I'm still the little kid looking through the lens in wonder at the world outside.

Started stringing for Bay Area newspapers and taking photographs of rock bands in the Bay Area circa 1972. As my skills and technical knowledge gradually improved and confidence grew, I began taking on assignments such as weddings, portraits, and lighting assisting gigs. Attended San Francisco Community College taking every photography class they offered.
Produced two photographic shows in San Francisco. Two more in the Central Coast in the '90's.

Photographed as a photojournalist for several publications and newspapers in California until 2008.

Presently residing in Port Townsend happily pursuing new adventures in photography.