July 16th, 2013
Building Local EV Use and Tourism: Challenges, Solutions, Opportunities

Key Speaker Announcement:
July 2013 Energy Lunch - Tuesday, July 16th at the Port Townsend Community Center

Key Speaker: Tom
Saxton, Chief Science Officer, Plug-In America

Our Key Speaker, a national leader in the use and promotion of Electric Vehicles, is Tom
Saxton, the Chief Science Officer of Plug-In America, an EV advocacy organization in San Francisco. Owner and user of EVs for many years, Mr. Saxton drove to Port Townsend along with his wife in his Tesla roadster which will be parked and recharged at the Port Townsend Community Center during his presentation. Author of a blog on the EV experience, Mr. Saxton describes the challenges that come with EV use including "range anxiety" associated with running out of electric power away from a charging site. He will also present solutions for EV use including finding and using available recharging sites.
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